Welcome to Fly smthng!

Welcome to Fly smthng (something)!  This is basically a place to store the stuff I figure out and want to share about quads (multirotors/drones) and flying wings. I hope it’s useful to someone, even if it’s just to save new pilots a bit of time getting up in the air.  Go fly smthng!

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Fixing a loose or rattling Corsair Survivor flash drive

Note: I’d originally included the Corsair Stealth, as I thought they were the same, just a different color.  I’ve gotten feedback that they’re different.  If you have a Stealth with the same problem and figure out how to fix it, shoot me some feedback on how it’s different, or send me a link I can provide in case anyone else has the same issue.

My USB memory stick of choice right now is a Corsair Survivor USB 3.0 stick.  It’s nearly indestructible when it’s all buttoned up!   Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true when it’s out of it’s little protective shell.

After a couple weeks of using the Survivor, I noticed that it was rattling whenever I shook or dropped it.  After using it for a few weeks weeks, I noticed that it was “wobbly” when it wasn’t in it’s little shell.  It turns out the the drive itself is just screwed onto the casing.  Those screws can get loose.  When they do, expect the rattles!  Here’s what it looks like and how to fix it.

If you can “bend” the device and it has a little space at the bottom, near the activity light and the threads, yours’ is probably loose.  I’ve included pictures of mine bending both ways.

Note the gap next above the threads on the left side.

Note the gap next above the threads on the left side.

There's a gap on the right here.  The "stick" wobbles back and forth on the base.

There’s a gap on the right here. The “stick” wobbles back and forth on the base.

Turn it over and gently peel back the existing sticker on the back.  Use something sharp to get under it without damaging it (don’t cut yourself).

Use something thin and sharp to get under the back label.

Use something thin and sharp to get under the back label.

Lift it up about a 1/2 inch or so and you’ll find two small phillips-head screws under it.  Use a very small set of screwdrivers to tighten them back down.  It’s probably not a bad idea to pull them out (one at a time) and hit them with some threadlocker.

Tighten the two small Philips screws under the label.  If you've got the time, use some threadlock compound so you don't have to do this again in a week or so. :)

Tighten the two small Philips screws under the label. If you’ve got the time, use some threadlock compound so you don’t have to do this again in a week or so. 🙂

Boom!  Snug as a drive in shell! 🙂

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What It Really Says

What you think it says: “There might be a small problem, hang on for a bit while it’s taken care of for you.”

An innocent looking error

What it really says: “There was a small problem.  But don’t worry, it’s only going to take about an hour to make sure that you never boot this computer again.  kthxbai!”

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Hanging in there

Just a short update right now… more to come now that we’ve kinda settled in.

We’ve sold our original house in Virginia and the RV. We’re still working on the house here in Jacksonville (that will probably never end). I’m now working a “regular” job, while Dasy is working part-time remotely for a company back in Virginia. The sprinklers are finally running, although a couple zones need “tweaking” and we bought a new front lawn. We’re still figuring out what to do about the back yard. :S

We’ll continue to update the blog with various posts of our Florida life. Maybe some beach posts, kayaking Florida waterways, etc.

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Up for Sale

Our rig is now officially up for grabs on the eBay…


Just helping spread the word.  If you know anyone looking for a nice diesel pusher at a reasonable, send them over.

Update: The Beastie has been sold. :S

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Psst… Hey you! Wanna buy an RV?

We’re still getting settled in our new home (which I really will post about soon), but I think we’re settled enough that it’s time to start working on selling the Dutch Star.  We’ll post up here for a couple weeks and see what happens.  After that, she’ll probably go to a dealer for consignment sale.

So, without further ado, we’re looking to sell our 2001 38′ Newmar Dutch Star motorhome.  I took a bunch of pictures last week, but apparently my lens is dirty or dieing, so they didn’t come out.  There are still some decent pictures and all the pertinent specs on the “Our Rig” tab, plus you can see the new laminate floors in this post.  I’ll get some more pictures some time this week and post them up with all the new revisions and some of the features that we haven’t talked about in our blog.

If you’re interested, please email me at smthngelse@gmail.com.

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Welcome home!


Sorry for the lack of updates, but we’ve both been super-busy. Most of that has been because we’ve purchased a new home in Jacksonville, FL. It’s a bit of a Fixer-Upper, but we like it and we think it has a lot of potential. I keep telling everyone that “if it was in good shape, we couldn’t afford it”. 🙂

The actual purchase was a bit of a fiasco, mostly due to me traveling and my bank being pretty much useless. I may tell that story later.

Anyway, I just wanted to post a quick update filling everyone in on our status. I’ll probably post more about the house and what we’re doing with the RV (most likely available for sale in a couple weeks)… Things are starting to settle down a bit, so we should be able to keep up with fairly regular posts.

We’ll cover a bit about the house and what’s been involved there, some of the reasons why we’re settling back down, some of the activities over the past few months and what’s next.

‘Till then!

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Heading out


Just a quick update… I’m headed to Dayton, OH for a couple days to sit a class I’ll be teaching some day. 

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been running around like a headless chicken.  Expect a bunch of updates later this week as we share our future plans.

Current location: Jacksonville, FL

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Tourist For a Day

We spent our 11th wedding anniversary being a tourist in DC. It’s fun being a tourist in your own city. Washington DC has so much to offer it is just too bad that most people who live in the area are just too busy or too stressed to enjoy its many parks, world class museums (they are free!!) and history.

We began our day at the National Gallery of Art. We picked the exhibit featuring Paul Gauguin’s work which it available February 27th -  June 5th. What an interesting man! Here is a man who went to the South Pacific in search of happiness in “Paradise”.

USDAArch Segway

GauginSignTwo Tahitian Women

 Gauguin, Tahitian Landscape Tahitian_women_painting_by_Paul_Gauguin_1891

Our next stop was the US Botanic Garden, it is right next to the Capitol building. We’ve been here a few times before and have enjoyed the garden each time. It’s not too big that you feel overwhelmed and not too small that you’ll loose interest.


Enjoy some of nature’s color in bloom:






Afterwards we had supper at Neisha Thai in Tysons Corner Mall and then bought ourselves some goodies from Shilla Bakery in Annandale. Yummy!


It was a good day. Thank you for the sunshine and flowers. And family and good food. Smile

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New Camera!!

Jonathan surprised me with a new camera. What a sweetie!!

My last camera died an unfortunate death in a canoe accident.

My new camera is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2. This little guy is blue and it is shockproof(dropproof from a height up to 6.6ft), waterproof (depth of 33ft), freezeproof (freezeproof to -10 degrees C/14 degrees F), and dustproof.

I love the camera. I think the love the little note even more!Red heart  What a sweetheart! Open-mouthed smile


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