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Guest Post: Roadtripping

Editors note: We were approached by Tripbase and asked to do a guest post on behalf of their site,  After checking the site, it seems like something our readers might find interesting, so we agreed.  So, without further ado, … Continue reading

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Say hello…

…To my not-so-little friend! We spent a good part of the week at Salt Springs Recreation Area campground in Salt Springs, Fl.  Today was our “check-out” day, but I managed to get some early morning time in the kayak and … Continue reading

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Drive, drive, ride, drive some more…

  It’s been an interesting time around here, hence the lack of updates.  Let me give you the rundown… I drove the Jeep and the Sylvansport Go up to Virginia to pick up my KLR (motorcycle), which was being stored … Continue reading

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The last of its kind – we witnessed it

Last November I witnessed a day launch of space shuttle Atlantis. This morning we saw the last night launch of NASA’s space shuttle history. We saw space shuttle Endeavor take off at 4:14 AM this morning. It was quite a … Continue reading

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The busy-ness

No pretty pictures this time, just a quick note to let you know we’re still here. Here’s the short version: I’ve been working. After getting back from Virginia with the KLR, the Jeep’s transmission started eating itself, so it’s in … Continue reading

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