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“We” are Jonathan and Dasy, a pair of semi-geeks who’ve decided to take a break from “normal” life. WeGoFar_Us

We’ll be travelling around the country in a 30 foot RV, a 1999 Fleetwood Storm 38-foot RV, a diesel Newmar Dutch Star (see note below).  We’re originally from Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC.  We plan to make new friends as we go and to visit old friends who we haven’t seen in a while.

We’re both pretty flexible regarding our skills and plan to take advantage of any opportunities that suit the travelling lifestyle (perhaps photography, writing, remote troubleshooting, developing software, etc).

One of our goals is to see as much of the country as possible, especially National parks and other wonders of creation.

We’re both pretty much tired of the “rat race” and plan to “keep a simple eye”.  It doesn’t get much more simple than only having what you can take with you in a two room box with wheels. 😉

As we go, we’ll be figuring out how to stay in touch with friends and family and how to make the most of our time and circumstances.  Some of this will focus on technology (like how to cram several computers and a sound system into a 30 38-foot box and how to get internet access on the rim of a canyon).  We’ll also be discussing the “lifestyle”…  travelling without all our “stuff” and how to maintain our skills and live comfortably while remaining flexible to travel.

We look forward to learning and teaching as we figure this out.  Thanks for joining us!

BTW… if you want to send us a message directly instead of using the feedback on any of the posts, just send an email to smthngelse@gmail.com and we’ll get right on it!

Note: Thanks to Jennifer for pointing out that we hadn’t updated our description of our rolling house.  We HAD a Fleetwood Storm, but we ended up selling it and getting a Dutch Star instead.  You can read about that in this post.

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  1. Mary Lou Mechem says:

    Just started reading about the Beastie and your trip to pick up the marvel. Love having a web site to keep in touch with you! You asked for my web site. Jonathan, I just barely know how to work the computer and you think I have a web site? Give me another 10 years or so. Cant wait for the:

  2. Jim Chason says:

    Good Luck and have fun. Make sure to go to Rocky Mountain National Park Real Nice. Don’t forget the State Parks as they are nice as well.


  3. Jennifer says:

    Just found your blog from My Shrinking Life. Great site! I am just connecting with others who are simplifying and taking to the road. I am listing my home and hope to be on the road (in a 29ft class c) by May 1st. Please keep posting!

  4. Try fitting it all into a popup instead ;p Good to know we’re not the only ones “tired of the ‘rat race” 🙂

  5. Susan says:

    Having just returned from a three month cross-country adventure, I’m ready to leave and hit the road again. Traveling is a very addicting lifestyle. Now I’m having more difficulty adjusting to being back in a home that is too large and full of too much ‘stuff’ for just the two of us than I did getting used to living in a small space. I look forwarding to tuning in to see how your adventures are going. Enjoy it~

  6. Jonathan says:

    Thanks Susan, we plan to keep updating the blog as we go. We might fall behind occasionally, but that’s just because we’re having too much fun to stop and compose updates. 😉 We’ll be checking out your travels too… I already spotted a few things you’ve learned that will be good.

  7. Jennifer says:

    That wasn’t a 30 ft Fleetwood Storm I saw…

    Hope you guys are doing great! Thanks for the tip to check the air in my spare tire. I hadn’t done that!

  8. Jonathan says:

    Thanks Jennifer, I just fixed that. 😉 I had so much fun with the NuRVers that I let some of the blog updating slide a bit. I’ll be getting on that over the next few days.

  9. Remi says:

    I am with you there and following in your footsteps, so to speak.

  10. Remi says:

    Thanks for the wonderful site, stories and information. Along with a few other sites and blogs out there, you have inspired me to escape from the rat race before it kills me, literally. I am now the proud owner of a new to me, 2001 HR Endevour 36′ Class A and hope to be full time inside 2 weeks. And hopeful to see a true betterment of my life.

    Merci from NOLA’s Lost Son

  11. Jonathan says:

    Hey Remi, glad we were able to have at least a small influence. 🙂 We’ll probably start a “Q&A” section or something like it soon. Hopefully we’ll be able to answer some questions for new owners and share some of the not-so-obvious things we’ve learned along the way. If you have a web site or other contact info, feel free to share it with us, either in a comment or via email (smthngelse@gmail.com). Maybe we’ll see you on the road somewhere. 😉

  12. Shannon Stover says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Could you please e-mail me your address…Newmar (Matt Miller) would like to send you a token of our appreciation.

    Thank you,
    Shannon Stover
    Newmar Corporation
    Marketing Coordinator

    • Jonathan says:

      Done! Thanks again for keeping the plant open for tours and the helpful staff in the parts department. But mostly, thanks for building a great unit we can call home! 🙂

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