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Fixing a loose or rattling Corsair Survivor flash drive

My USB memory stick of choice right now is a Corsair Survivor USB 3.0 stick. It’s nearly indestructible when it’s all buttoned up! Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true when it’s out of it’s little protective shell. Continue reading

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What It Really Says

What you think it says: “There might be a small problem, hang on for a bit while it’s taken care of for you.” What it really says: “There was a small problem.  But don’t worry, it’s only going to take … Continue reading

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Birthplace of the Beastie…

As Dasy mentioned in our previous post, after leaving Colorado we were aimed for Bremen, IN.  Actually, we were going to Nappannee, but the closest campground we found was down the road in Bremen.  Nappannee is famous for two things … Continue reading

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“Can you hear me now?”

Since we have moved out to Central Florida we have had sporadic cell coverage with AT&T. This week we switched over to Verizon and got the new Droid phones. And we have signal! We even have signal in the Ocala … Continue reading

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New Shoes!

Note: I’ve gotten a number of mentions from friends and fambly that the previous post was “too much”.  I’m making this one much easier… and it has pretty pictures!   😉 Our Dutch Star is now sporting a new set of … Continue reading

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Fight The Power!

Photo from Kuzeytac on flickr, under Creative Commons license A soon-to-be RV’er posted on her blog about a couple of RVs she is considering and an issue came up about the power.  One RV is 30 amp, the other is … Continue reading

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All your packet are belong to us…

One of the issues we’ve had since leaving our brick and mortar house is how to stay connected to the Internet.  We make do in a number of different ways, some of which are temporary depending on what is available … Continue reading

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