Hanging in there

Just a short update right now… more to come now that we’ve kinda settled in.

We’ve sold our original house in Virginia and the RV. We’re still working on the house here in Jacksonville (that will probably never end). I’m now working a “regular” job, while Dasy is working part-time remotely for a company back in Virginia. The sprinklers are finally running, although a couple zones need “tweaking” and we bought a new front lawn. We’re still figuring out what to do about the back yard. :S

We’ll continue to update the blog with various posts of our Florida life. Maybe some beach posts, kayaking Florida waterways, etc.

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  1. Brenda says:

    Didn’t know you sold your rv yet. That’s good…I guess. Sad but good. Sold your home in Virginia…Good I guess too? At least that’s off your mind.

    And a job? Wow! You guys have been busy.

    We miss you on the road. Hopefully you will get out there again at some point for shorter trips? We can only hope.

    As far as the back yard…I’m sure Dasy would love to turn it all into a garden 🙂 Think of it this way, less mowing and fresh veggies 🙂

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